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The TRUTH has finally been revealed in the TRILOGY of GOD: THE ROD OF IRON , REVEALING THE BIBLE'S TRUTH , and Revelation the Fourth Son.

Experience and explore through "The ROD of IRON", "Revealing The Bible's Truth", and "Revelation the Fourth Son", the secrets hidden in the Word of GOD. The mysteries of life are explained in great detail with subject matters being wide and varied, including: The creation of life and the universe, life elsewhere, dimensions, heaven and hell, the TRINITY of GOD, angels, and many other fascinating subjects buried deep within the Holy Scriptures, discerned by author Robert G. Barbaria.

Are you ready for the RAPTURE? Because it is coming soon! The Church teaches many will go to HEAVEN, however; the scriptures of the Bible say, there will be few. READ THESE BOOKS, don't be left behind!

Fill your spirit and soul with the knowledge contained within the WORD of GOD!

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